Honda Genio full modif Galeri

Come closer peek "the Champion of Autoblackthrough 2010." A Honda Genio amended without again showing its original form again and the corresponding concept, SKEV1 or custom short for Electric Vehicle 1, the power source is an electric motor.

This is a brilliant move for a modification contest. If the other contestants are still struggling with increasing fuel engine performance standard. The car belongs to password is actually chose the unusual step by converting into electric-powered.
"This car is a collaboration between the owners, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Autovision, Alpine and Signal," go to Andre Mulyadi, modifier of the Signal, which acquired the allocation Bandung making body design.

In a joint project that occupied him for eight months, LIPI donate electric motors and all the driving mechanism. The electric motor is used similar to the Toyota Kijang LIPI ever in jajal some time ago. Electric motor is capable of spewing power up to 52 Hp and 156 Nm of torque."While the battery is not used but the use of lithium led acid. The price is very expensive, there are 30 pieces in total and the price reached USD 150 million," said Andre said, explaining that the battery is capable of carrying SKEV1 runs up to 200 km.
Moderate Signal, the modification workshop course kebaghian task of creating a futuristic body design. "Almost nothing is used from Honda Genio, most only a small portion of the front chassis and transmission only. Other truly custom," when found in the middle of confident excitement of Djarum Black Autoblackthrough at JCC yesterday (5 / 12).

While two other sponsors of Alpine and Autovision supply audio and lighting as well as cosmetics pencahayaanya. Headunit using Alpine IVA-W502E, 5 pieces monitor Alpine TME-S370, 4 subwoofer Alpine SWR-1042, Alpine 2set SPR17S, 2 pieces of amplifier Alpine PDX-F6 and two Alpine amplifiers M12. Moderate futuristic head lamp and LED lights as dusk dispulai of Autovision.
"The plan in 2011 this car will be a display car for all sponsors. Whether LIPI, Autovision, Alpine and Signal will make this car as a mascot," lid Andre Sundanese accent.


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